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Our Moviestars...
Our pups are used quite often for ads and TV. The picture on the top of this page is from an ad for cosmetics that ran in McCalls and featured our pup with Julie Warner from Family Law. The picture right above was taken with Melissa Joan Hart when our pups were used in an episode of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch". Sav-On Photo Developing and Home Depot used our pups for their commercials. The first Bethoven Movie and an episode of "Late Night with Zach" also had some of our pups. It's fun to have our pups appear in things like this and it's great socialization. Whenever we send them out for their "jobs", most of them don't return! They go to homes with the people who fell in love with them on the site.

My granddaughter Megan with puppies at the park and Ruby, one of our stunning female pups.

Life of a model...
The picture above is our puppy Kacey. She was used in the August 2010 issue of LA Magazine. She really wasn't chewing the shoe! She is a beautiful girl from Knightley and Fancy.

Brooke and Kacey
Kacey grown up with my Granddaughter Brooke. Watch out Mom and Dad... Brooke wants a puppy for her birthday!!


Another happy customer and their pup, Humboldt.
We decided to keep one of the females from a recent litter, her name is Golden Bell.
Home Sweet Home...
As you can see, we do not show our dogs. At this time in my life, I prefer to stay at home with my family, grandchildren and dogs, rather than traveling to shows. And with 12 grandchildren-my time is limited!

Desert Rose Goldens
Southern California & Las Vegas, NV


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