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Welcome to Desert Rose!


Feel free to e-mail us at or give us a call at 805-915-8982


Desert Rose Goldens
San Fernando Valley & Nevada
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Charm and Megan
It all started almost 30 years ago, when I wanted a puppy for my four daughters. The Golden Retriever was the only logical choice to be around the children. Now I have 12 grandchildren and I am still happy with the choice I made back then. We think you will agree.


Nine years later, Megan has grown up. She still has a great love for dogs and has a trainer helping her train the dogs.





Welcome to our website
On our website,we have pictures of our dogs and past pups. All of our parents have the hip, eye and heart clearances, or preliminary (under 2 years old). You are welcome to come visit us at our home.



Attack Cat...

Mr. Snuffles, our new attack cat. "What a great birthday present!"


Due to the recent fraud of the Desert Rose Goldens Facebook, we have created a new page that you can visit by clicking here.




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